Our Story

Our Story

Rio de Sol is a fashion swimwear brand created in 2005. Our designer took her inspiration from all the Brazilian culture. Her creations reflect the lifestyle of Brazil, from samba to fine sand beaches. Our collection is designed for dynamic and joyful women who are going to take advantage of the sunshine. More and more women of the whole world choose our sensual cuts and our radiant colors. Our creations are made to dress your skin velvety by the summer sun and to suit you best. Rio de Sol, where quality rhymes with femininity! The city of Rio de Janeiro and its carnival beat to the samba rhythm. We transcribe all the energy and the liveliness of the musical rhythms in fashionable forms. Cuttings are made to fit your curves and suit you best! Moreover, Rio de Sol brings women all the heat of the Brazilian sun. Brazil is a country where people are warm-hearted and friendly. This is why we wish to be close to you and to be capable of answering your needs and your requests.

Social Responsibility

Rio de Sol believes that happy people make a better company. We value our employees. Our team benefits from a welfare program: a food aid, help for medical follow-up and the dentist, as well as scholarships. We motivate healthy work habits. Indeed, we promote the use of protective equipment and periodical prevention tests. Our team has the possibility of a flexible schedule and benefits from advantages enabling them to have leisure activities. We want to minimize our impact on the environment by reusing the rainwater, reducing waste, recycling materials and making the donation of residues of the production to the local community that produces craft. Our challenge is to find a balance within the demands of a competitive market. We need to reduce costs and increase the quality standard. Moreover, we have set up responsible procedures of management to answer the need for sustainable development.

Corporate information

Rio de Sol was created in 2005 in Brazil. The brand´s aim is to make a swimwear with a colorful design, a quality product accessible to all customers on both the national and international markets. The company has invested in equipment, machinery and human resources. With our own factory of the area of 3000m² Rio de Sol remains focused on the development. The entire manufacturing process, from the design of the swimsuit to the production, takes place in the factory in Rio de Janeiro. The industrial park of Rio de Sol is composed of electronic and pneumatics sewing machines operated by a staff committed to their work. We always look for new materials to make our collections innovative and creative. We are the partners of the Rosset Group, the largest Textile Group in Latin America. We also work with other suppliers of the fashion beachwear sector to achieve high international quality standards, an essential value for us.